Husky in the Room

Here is a page for my dog, Kaya!  One week into the blog, she was very upset that the only appearance she’d made was a rogue foot in the Vibram Five Fingers picture, so here goes!      

She is a Siberian Husky and I got her my freshman year in college.  That makes her 7 1/2 years old now :P.  She has lived almost every where with me, from college to a brief stint in West Virginia, back to college, out to Nevada, back to college, and finally, here to Wyoming.  She is impressively good at back to back days of 12 hours drives across the country (I grew up in Virginia and went to school at Virginia Tech)!      



Are We There Yet??

I’ll leave you with this one tonight, but there will be oh so much more.  I mean she is obviously the best dog ever 😀 and clearly deserves a bountiful page of ridiculously cute pictures.      

Thanks, mom!!


OK, here’s a few more photos I dug up…   

Here’s me cuddling the silly pooch after I got home one day.  Don’t mind the hideous couch.  This picture’s from the college years…   

And here’s a pic of her from one of our walks in Lamoille Canyon near Elko, Nevada.  We were on a snow machine trail…  I love this one.   

Here’s one of her being ridiculously photogenic in a friend’s backyard at college.   


Puppy picture overload.  As if such a thing existed…  Enjoy 😀

The First Picture of my New Puppy!

Little Green Eyes

No Need For Words

Just Another Crazy Cute Furball Runnin' Around 😉

 Sleeping puppy pics…


A few of her with her old big brother, Hunter.  He lives in West Virginia now.

Bat Ears 😀


Maybe some camping pictures next!


6 Responses

  1. […] Husky in the Room […]

  2. Lindsey…best blog I’ve seen in a long time. Your dad shared it with me…I LOVE KAYA……and I love some of the food your’e eating…I want to try those pancakes that look like they are an inch thick…

    Take care of yourself…sounds like you’re living and loving life, and that’s a good thing.

    Jean McCarthy

  3. Such a pretty dog!!

  4. She is adorable. I want a husky so badly but I’m not allowed dogs in my apartment, plus we move too much to have a dog.

    One day!

    Question though: I’ve heard huskies are incredibly hard to train and that off-leashing them can result in them running off and getting hit by cars etc. What’s your experience been with this?

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