New PR for Kaya-Dog

Kaya hit a new personal record while running with me last night!¬† And like many long distance runners ūüėõ she did have to stop for a mid-run poo (too much information?? nah…) and she needed a little encouragement towards the end.¬†

In the end she triumphed over all 4.2 miles though!  Time: 46 minutes.  Hills: heinous.  Congrats kaya-face :D. 

PS¬† The computer is probably gone, so lunch posts from work will be all that’s going to happen if anything for the next 6-7 days :(.¬†

Anyone have good plans for the weekend??¬† I’m off to climb.¬† Duh.¬† Haha, if I’m not outside of Wyoming this time of year, you can bet I’m climbing!


Not the Blog’s Month

Dang guys.  The blog just cannot catch a break this month.  I finally I have a nice week where I could have brought the blog back to all of its former glory life.  Alas, last night my computer decided this would not be the case.  I got the blue screen of death for the third day in a row and this time it said the memory dump failed.  To say the least, I got a huge pit in my stomach when I saw that.

I’ll be taking her to a computer doctor this afternoon.¬† Hopefully it can just be reformatted or something.¬† And hopefully, here’s the big one, hopefully all of my pictures can be restored.¬† Man.¬†¬†That one’s scary.¬† Yeah, there are a lot of pictures¬†that I have not backed up to my external hard drive from the past few months, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Here’s a super fast update on the Fitness with a Side of Food post anyways and then I must get to work.¬† You know, since I’m at work.¬† On my work computer ;).

I got on a team for the Wild West Relay!¬† I’m crazy excited.¬† Here are the legs I’m doing.

I’ve been training a lot, even sneaking in a 3 mile run in New Orleans.¬† I always try to do at least one run on vacations.¬†

The push up challenge isn’t really panning out this month because my thumb is still super inflamed from falling off that dang horse last month.¬† And I like climbing more than I like being able to do push ups.¬†¬†

So yeah, I haven’t been doing them in the interest of not hurting my thumb any more than it already is.¬† My friend’s fiance is actually a hand therapist, though, so she’s going to take a look at it tonight and hopefully help me get it on the mend permanently.

Pray for the blog ;).¬† I’ll be back when I can be!

Fitness with a Side of Food

Today was a Monday as far as food’s concerned :P.¬† I had a bagel and cream cheese from Starbucks for breakfast (eaten in the car, so it went unphotographed) and a double shot of espresso, to which I added one cup of almond milk.¬† I’m a total milk snob these days!

For lunch I had half of a ginormous baked sweet potato with about 1/2 cup of vegetarian baked beans.¬† The ingredients list was nice and short and in english ;), so I figured I’d give them a go.

The flavor wasn’t nearly as good as my usual “homestyle” Bush’s baked beans, but gave them a little life by adding¬†about a 1/2 tablespoon of¬†spicy brown mustard and¬† one tablespoon of ketchup :D.¬† Trust me it’s delicious.¬† If I’d had molasses on hand at work, I would have added about a teaspoon of that too!¬† There will certainly be more of these in my future!

Afternoon snackage was a peach!  I was so excited to have my first good peach of the year!  I had tried one or two a few weeks back and they were not ripe.  Good peaches are easily my favorite seasonal fruit!

Dinner was this Wolfgang Puck soup I discovered at the store. 

It was great, but the ingredients list was a perfect example of organic not necessarily meaning unprocessed!

It was a bit disappointing, but cooking wasn’t going to happen,¬†it turned out¬†to be a great soup (of the canned variety), and you can’t win ’em all,¬†so it’s a compromise I’m willingly¬†to make!

On to fitness.¬† Tonight I ended my exercise hiatus I’d been on since the horse debacle last weekend.¬† I took Kaya on a 3 mile walk and it went great!¬† It was by no means strenuous, but the cool part:¬†I did the whole thing in my five fingers!!¬†

Vibram Five Fingers ūüėÄ

It’s the longest I’ve gone in them (in general and¬†it was all on concrete sidewalks)¬†and there was absolutely no discomfort!¬† One month in and I am very excited about these shoes and will keep you up to date as I work them into my running more and more!

On another note, I have decided to challenge myself to improve my upper body strength with a simple goal this month.¬† I would like to be able to do 50 push ups consecutively with correct form.¬† Katie over at Yes, I Want Cake is taking on 25.¬† Maybe this is a better choice :P.¬†¬†But maybe¬†if this month goes well, I’ll up the ante in August!¬† Or maybe I’ll still be working my way towards 50 in August :).

I know this isn’t a super balanced upper body strength training program, but the way I look at it, it’s better than nothing, and I tend to get burned out when I¬†do full on weight training programs.¬† Weight training just¬†isn’t my favorite thing to do, so I’m going to ease into it, starting with a small goal this time.

And lastly.¬† I’ve been trying to get signed up with a team to run the Wild West Relay from Fort Collins, CO to Steamboat Springs, CO.¬†

It’s a 200-miler with teams of up to 12 people!¬† One day while googling races,¬†actually trying to find a half marathon to do in the fall, I stumbled upon this gnarly abomination of a race :P.

If I can’t get onto a team, though, I am going to do a half marathon in September or October, so I will keep you updated on that as well!¬† Keep your fingers crossed for me, because this would definitely rank in the top 5 most awesome things I’ve ever done and I’m really hoping I can find¬†a team to adopt me!

Now I’m off to see just how many push ups I can do correctly!¬†¬†Because between you and me, I don’t have the slightest idea what that number is right now ;)!

Know When to Fold ‘Em

You guys, I feel like Kenny Rogers was screaming this song at me when I got home today. 

First, I left my camera at work.¬† Again.¬† I know you’re probably tired of reading that by now, but trust me, I’m just as tired of having to type it.¬† It was going to be OK, though, because my roommate has a great camera, and to make it up to you guys I¬†had grand plans to document the making of…

…wait for it…

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes

I’ll give you a minute.¬† Or maybe I’ll give myself a minute.¬† I am not a passionate baker by any stretch of the imagination, but this, ladies and gents, I will gladly bake any day of the week given just the right amount of motivation.

Too bad Kenny Rogers saw things differently…

I started by going to store to get avocados because I wanted to make the chocolate cupcake part of the recipe from this Chocolate Avocado Cake recipe that Ashley made a little while ago.  So after a Racheal Ray style balancing act through the grocery store with all of the other things I decided I needed, and losing my keys twice in the grocery store because I kept putting things down to rebalance, I headed home with cupcake grandeur on the brain.

Unfortunately, when I got home I could not get Ashley’s page to load.¬† Uhhhh, come on internet, don’t fail me now.¬† And things went downhill from here fast people.¬†

I decided to¬†just make the peanut butter icing while I waited for the internet to right itself.¬† I think this is when Kenny caught wind of the impending downward spiral in my humble townhouse kitchen in Wyoming….

I put the peanut butter, butter, milk, and powdered sugar into a bowl and proceeded with my hand mixer.  This thing is a gem from a thrift store raid to fill my first apartment in college 7 years ago.

Martha Stewart's First Hand Mixer

It is now in hand mixer heaven where it should have been at least 20 years ago.  The frosting broke my mixer.  I would be sadder, but this was only the beginning.  Ummmm, food processor to the rescue (I thought).  I coaxed all of the ingredients out of the mixing bowl and into the food processor. 

It whirred and whirred away, but something was amiss.¬† It wasn’t creamy peanut buttery goodness.¬† It was a weird glob of greasy…I can’t even find the word for it.

I don’t know what happened.¬† My only suspicion is that natural peanut butter (sans hydrogenated oils) turned¬†what¬†is arguably one of the most glorious sugary concoctions known to man, into this.

Yeah, that’s the same picture again, but I just kept staring at it.¬† Is this really happening??¬† OK, maybe the internet is happy again and I can at least get to the cupcake recipe.¬† NOPE.¬† Not gonna happen.¬† It was at this point that I threw in the towel and Kenny Rogers’ “Know When to Hold ‘Em” started on repeat in my head.¬†

Some days my dears chocolatey peanut butter bliss just¬†isn’t in the cards…

I would show you what I ended up with for dinner, but I just don’t have it in me.¬† It was just a pile of self loathing vegetables anyways.¬†

I’m going to go run this one off.¬† At least the weather’s turned around here and it’s a perfect 74 degrees outside with a pleasant breeze.¬†

And I really don’t want to leave you with this epic fail for the night, so why not go check out the new Kaya-face puppy pictures I added to Husky in the Room!!¬† That face can turn around even the worst of bad days ;).

Oh and Mama Pea’s African Peanut Stew from last night was the exact opposite of an epic fail.¬† It may be the least photogenic thing I’ve ever taken a picture of…

…but yeah.¬† It was amazing.¬† Let me say that again.¬† Amazing.¬† Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.¬† It was¬†a shining light of delicious in¬†a day¬†featuring a not so successful foray into the the world of baking.

I’ll see ya on the flip side.

Colorado and Back

Aaaand, I’m back.¬† Colorado was wonderful this weekend.¬† Absolutely nothing went as planned, but things are always more fun that way if you’re willing to look on the bright side ;).¬† At one point I was actually driving west in the general direction of Steamboat Springs having no idea where I would stay for the night in order to get a decent amount of sleep for the 10k.¬† Bright side:¬† it was a gorgeous sunny spring day driving through the rockies.¬†

On the food side of things,¬† Saturday started with oatmeal blueberry pancakes and hashbrowns from a bag (bright side:¬†at least the pancakes were healthy).¬† Ummm, unfortunately it was made in a kitchen that reminded me of the frat houses from college and I couldn’t bring myself to take pictures of it.¬† Sorry.¬† But they were exactly like these¬†pancakes from last week, but with frozen blueberries included by request.

Oatmeal Pancakes!

Lunch was a chocolate chip CLIF bar from a gas station because I was still pretty full from pancakes.  So impressed that they actually had these at a gas station by the way! 


Favorite thing about running races: carbs.¬† Haha, probably didn’t need to do any major carb loading for a 10k, but it’s a good enough excuse for me :).¬† Went to an italian restaurant with a patio in Steamboat (did I mention how awesome the weather was?) and started with some mussels and¬† a salad with sundried tomato vinaigrette.¬†

Demolished Salad ūüėõ

Then I got a pile of penne pasta with veggies (zucchini, artichokes, tomatoes, broccoli, and onions).¬† I wasn’t overly impressed with the sauce.¬† It had great flavor, but it was extremely oily (bright side:¬† it’s cool, I’ll burn it off while¬†running 6 miles in the morning :))

Sunday morning:  time for the 10k!  I wanted to be able to run the whole thing without stopping to walk and to finish it in an hour.  I came extremely close to doing both.  I walked for about 1/4 of a mile (on the last hill no less! wish I had known it was the last hill!!) and finished in 1:08. 

Considering the first half of the course included some pretty mean hills, I am¬†really happy with that time.¬† One and a half years ago, I couldn’t even run one mile without stopping!

Before I ran I had a Larabar (first one ever by the way).¬† It was delicious, although I don’t know if it was really the ideal pre-race food.¬† It worked for me.¬† My stomach didn’t hurt or anything, but I’m not endorsing them as a good pre-race snack because I know nothing about these sorts of things…

After the race, I went to The Egg & I and got  a massive omelette with rye toast.

I attacked the rye bread and then remembered to take some more pictures :).  Under the rye bread was another pile. 

Potatoes!! Carbs... ‚̧

Omelette was egg whites, diced ham, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and mushrooms.¬† All covered in cheese :D.¬† And a dollop of sour cream – I don’t think I’ve ever had this before, but I think I’ll be doing it more often now!

Kaya was totally praying I would knock this bad boy into her mouth!

Finally, I went to the blogger meet up at Wash Park.¬† Sad I couldn’t cook anything since I was on the road, but I tracked down a Whole Foods and grabbed some hummus and goat cheese.¬† Also, I toted these Humbles along from up here in Wyoming.

These are Dangerous (“D” capitalized on purpose guys!).¬† Purchase and open the bag at your own risk.¬† The entire bag may make it’s way into your stomach within hours.¬† Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Unfotunately, I killed my camera batteries earlier in the day using the flash for the meh picture of my in all of my running awesomeness.  Bright side:  Ashley and Heather were there and snapping away :P.  Hope you check out their blogs to get some idea of the awesomeness that was there.  I was lucky to escape before inducing a food coma that would have prevented safe passage back to Wyoming for work in the morning. 

Hope you all had as wonderful of a weekend as I did!

Happy Memorial Day!

Here I am!¬† Sorry for the absence of Sunday night photo overload, but I didn’t get back home until 1:30 am last night (I’ll reveal the reason in due time :o).¬† Boo-hiss.¬† I know.¬† And, trust me, this morning it showed.¬† Work was¬†heinous definitely a Monday (operations didn’t exactly go according to plan this weekend) and while I don’t usually make a habit of drinking coffee – it was definitely a coffee day.¬† And then, when I thought the day had turned around (aka I was on my way home ūüėČ )…¬† I realized that I left my camera at work again.¬† Luckily, my friend, Rick, left his camera here, so I¬†did take¬†pictures of my official Memorial Day grilling session for all of you beautiful people!

Lonely Turkey Brat

Poor little dude.¬† I’m totally laughing right now.¬†¬†I know it looks¬†slightly fully pathetic, but I’m counting it :P.

With my grilled hot italian turkey brat, I had some low and slow sweet potaters!¬† And I added a little somethin’ tasty in the form of…

….creamy, melty brie!¬† Oh, so good kids!¬† I sprayed the sweet potatoes with canola oil and baked them at 300 degrees¬†for 1 hour, then put the brie on top for a few minutes.¬† The potatoes were slightly dried out, though, so next time I’m going to raise the temperature to 325 and try them for 45 minutes.¬† Any suggestions from you guys would be more than welcome!!

And with that, here’s dinner.

Brat and Sweet Potatoes with Brie ūüėÄ

I had spicy brown mustard and ketchup to go with the brat and the potatoes that didn’t get the brie treatment (I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but I def wish I’d put it on all of them!).

Now I’m off to run with the Kaya-face.¬† No hail¬†in the forecast this time ;).¬† And I have this gem waiting for me when I get home.¬†

Juju Ginger Ale from Left Hand Brewery

Yeah, definitely not the most effective rehydration method (I promise I’ll chug some water with it), but if you had to work on Memorial day too, you’re¬†probably sipping one right¬†along with me!¬† Cheers!

And fear not!¬† I do have¬†loads of great pictures from this weekend, so¬†I’ll lay it all on you tomorrow friends :D.

Lovin’ It

I am one week strong into this blog guys and I’m so glad I started Foodie¬†on the Rocks!¬† If you have any lingering curiosity¬†about the name, I’ll drop it all on you now.¬†¬†It refers to my love of food and climbing (kind of obvious I think :P), but it also¬†alludes to my never-ending¬†attempt to balance my love for travelling and experiencing new things with my full-time job as an engineer.¬† I’m always using my time off from work to the max, but sometimes I really have to remind myself to take a weekend at home and just relax!!¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

I think I may have had it figured out in this hammock…¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

St. Lucia Style Siesta ūüėÄ

¬†On the other side, I’m so glad there might actually be a few of you out there reading this that I don’t know and haven’t personally told about the¬†blog ūüėČ and enjoying it!¬† I know it’s going to take me a little while to really find my voice and really hone in on how I’m going to keep this thing interesting, but if you guys are up for it, so am I.¬†

So let me pick off where I left off yesterday really quickly.¬† Remember how I was going to go out and run since I’m doing a team marathon next weekend??¬† Well two things happened.¬† Firstly…¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Hail in the Backyard

Roomie Holding the Marble Sized Hail   

Needless to say, I did not go out and run.¬†¬†Along with¬†the hail, there was a tornado watch.¬† So going to the gym wasn’t an option either.¬† Boo.¬† Oh well…¬† At least I got to add some new pictures to Husky in the Room!¬† Check ’em out.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Secondly, turns out our team captain did not register us for the team marathon.¬† Way.¬† Lame.¬† It’s cool, though.¬† I got on the web and found a 10k in Steamboat that I’m going to do instead.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

And here are my eats today folks…¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Breakfast was tasty with a capital flippin T y’all!¬† I made¬†these oatmeal pancakes¬†from Jenna’s blog.¬†¬†Scrumptious¬†and they’ve got the protein thang going on too.¬† I’ve found that protein is so crucial in my breakfasts to keep me going!¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Pancakes with the Real Stuff

You guys, if you’re still eating “table syrup” aka high fructose corn syrup, I beg of you.¬† Put the bottle down.¬† Walk to your cupboard, and throw it to the wind.¬† I mean, or you could just put in your trash can, just long as it’s gone!¬† Real maple syrup is the only way to go in my book because it’s tastes whoa! times better and well, it’s not full of processed stuff.¬† Period.¬† OK, rant over.¬†¬†¬†

And whoops!¬† I didn’t get to eat that until I had my blood drawn.¬† Eek!¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†


I forgot it was wellness day.  Each year the company does free blood draws and wellness evaluations, and actually if you go through with the whole she-bang and go to another day they set up and talk to a wellness coach about your results they put some extra cash the old paycheck!  And, I got this nice little snack plate to reward me for my ~11 hour fast.      


Lunch….not overly exciting.¬† Spinach, tomato, and honey curry hummus on half a pita.¬† But, wait!¬† Haha, another department brought in food for lunch and needed help with leftovers, so I grabbed some strawb’s and pineapple and some antelope sausage one of the guys brough in :).¬† It was pretty salty for me, but good!¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†



When I got home from work I had a glorious plan to go run and then go to yoga.¬† Uh, not so much.¬† Sat down for a few too many minutes on the couch, so I’d just have to do yoga after I walked Kaya-face and then run.¬† No biggie.¬† Not so much.¬† Yoga instructor played hookie.¬† Lame.¬† Oh well, I ran 3 miles in 32 minutes – only one 4 minute break in there, so yay!¬† Workin’ back up my endurance slowly but surely :).¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

And here’s dinner.¬† I decided to make some of these veggie burgers.¬† Thanks, Angela!¬† If you had told me one year ago that I would be making veggie burgers I would have laughed…hard…in your face.¬† It’s tasty as, though, so give ’em a whirl!¬† PS¬† I used whole wheat pastry flour, because it’s what I had.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†



You’ll pretty much want to process it down to a puree, but the camera battery was dying, so I didn’t get a shot of that.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†


Again, had to do the whole spicy thing, because what doesn’t kill you, makes your taste buds stronger :P.¬† That’s¬†a baked sweet potato hiding in the back there with a bit of butter, one tablespoon of brown sugar, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

I’ll leave you with my treat to myself for the evening.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†


This ice cream is the best!¬† Coconut milk is to ice cream as diamonds are to girls.¬† Oh yeah, I just compared that ice cream to diamonds.¬† It is that good.¬† For one half of a cup it’s 150 calories, 9 grams of fat, and 6 grams of fiber.¬† Plus the ingredients list stupendous.¬† Good night, indeed!