Bouldering – Bishop

So, 10 days in California.  It was a blast, and really the first road trip I’ve done in a few years!  It was nice, even if we did just drive through the night.  Things always get a little interesting when you hit the road or the skies, but something about the road just seems more adventurous!

To make things slightly more adventurous, Kaya hitched a ride with us unexpectedly as well! 

Since we knew we’d be spending time with family for part of the trip (aka, not camping) we knew the dog could be a bit difficult.  Plus we were driving in a tiny Honda Civic with a massive boulder pad (what she’s sitting on in the photo above). Unfortunately, Kaya got off to a bit of a rough start with the kennel owner, though, and he wasn’t comfortable keeping her for 10 days :(. 

But we all got comfortable and hit the road!

And, like I mentioned last time, we ended up in Bishop, CA for some great bouldering!  We climbed at three different spots within 20 miutes of town. 

the Buttermilks…

the Happy’s…

and the Sad’s…which I only shot right before sunset…

And this was the best camping spot ever.  We got there at night and Jesse hinted at how awesome the views were but I was still blown away…

And here are some climbing highlights.

Some randoms of Jesse.

And some of the problems, I climbed…

This first one gave me hell and I never did make it to the top.

This next one was really fun and took a lot of tries, but eventually I got the moves and made it to the top.

And this was the last problem I did in Bishop.  A V0 (easiest rating except for a VB, V-beginner) highball problem.  It was lots of fun even though I swore at the top out, because I didn’t see the hude holds at first ;).

And that’s it!

Right now I’m hanging out in a hotel in Tulsa on my way to see some friends in Birmingham for Thanksgiving, and then on to Richmond, where I grew up.

Back soon with some funny stories from the road!


Missed You Summer!

Summer’s here!  I think it may be safe to say that summer has finally made it to Wyoming :D.  At camp, it was in the 80’s during the day and 50’s at night.

This weekend in the canyon was the first warm one, without any freezing body parts at night, no desparately trying to stay as close to the camp fire as possible, and while climbing there was no snatching up of the gear and running from the wall as soon as the shade took the place of the sun (I’m a huge wuss about the cold in the spring).  We were actually looking for shade to climb in this weekend! 


This weekend I on sighted (leading a route without falling and without ever having climbed it before) my first route ever.  Awesomeness.  It was a 5.9, a medium grade.  Here are a few pics.

Starting to Clip


Getting to the Next Bolt

Then I top roped a 5.10 cleanly that I’d done last summer.  I got brave and attempted to lead it, but didn’t quite get there and took my first big fall.  It was a pretty decent whipper (about 10-15 feet) since I hadn’t made it over to the bolt line yet…

Climbing Up the Edge of the Slab

Clipping the 3rd Bolt

Traversing Over to the Bolt Line


Take a Deep Breath (or Two ;))

 Here’s my second attempt, where I was able to clip the next bolt, but I guess the camera ran out of juice :(.

Successful Second Attempt

Yeah, so I did get up to that next bolt, but going for the 5th bolt, I took another fall and twisted my ankle pretty bad.  Game over :(.  Oh well, it was a great day and I’m sure my ankle will be better by next weekend!


Now before I get into the camp food, I would like to introduce you to our herd all of the dogs at camp.  You will be seeing them frequently!  You know this one of course…


Then, there’s Ox, a Mastiff.  The dog is huge.

This is Smoke.  He lives for playing fetch with sticks.  He’s making this face because he wants me to stop taking pictures and throw his stick already :).


Here is the boxer duo, Axle and Hunna.  They’re inseparable.

And then there are the camp leaders.  Mike’s dogs definitely rule the roost ;).

White Dog


Dr. Stony


And now, what most of you have probably been wondering if I’d ever get to ;).  The food.  Smoke’s family has an awesome BBQ set up that we use most of the time, but when Axle and Hunna’s provider feels motivated, he whips out the dutch oven!  There’s the pineapple upside down cake that we had the first night.

It’s canned pineapple topped with yellow cake batter.

In the morning he made bacon and eggs and peppers so we could build some mountain burritos.  Mountain burritos are a necessity at camp and will be making frequent appearances! 

The bacon does not cooked quickly in the dutch oven, so we threw it onto the BBQ while the eggs cooked, so that we could eat before noon!

Mountain burrito with hot sauce.

Dinner was elk burgers that I threw together at home and toted along with some dogs and cheddar brats that Rick donated to the cause.

I put diced onion and peppers, garlic, a good helping of worchestire sauce, and some grill seasoning into the patties.  I added an egg to help hold the burgers together, since the peppers and onions plus the leaness of the elk meat can cause them to fall apart pretty easily. 

Top with cheese, ketchup, mustard, and onions and throw ‘er on a thin bun!

Camp Elk Burger Heaven 😀

I also had a pile of spinach with some bottled poppy seed dressing that wasn’t around long enough to be photographed :P.

On the way home on Sunday, I had a Coconut Acai Pranabar

love these.  A little pricey at $2.59 a pop, but totally worth keeping a few around.  I mean look at the ingredients list.  It’s real food :D.

I’m off to enjoy my Monday off now.  And by enjoy, I mean do chores that have been put off for way too long now!  See you tonight for a normal food post!

Here Goes Nothin’

So I forgot my camera again.  PSYCH!  Haha, what am I?  An eight-year-old?  It’s cool, I’m OK with it.  You ready for photo overload?  PS For those of you in it for the food, there’s lots of that past the climbing pics!

But first, this. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!  😀  Here we are at my cousin’s wedding 2 years ago!  On the right, is my other cousin (the sister of the groom).  Happy debut on the blog Leigh Anne ;).

Myself, my Mom, and Leigh Anne

There’s not alotta splainin’ to do, so I’ll insert a few words when necessary ;).  For instance…

Welcome to Vedauwoo.

Kinda cool looking, huh?  It was entirely different than any climbing I’ve ever done before.  It’s called slab.  The rock is a slab.  You picking up on this yet?  There are no holds.  Find a change in relief in the rock, put your foot there and stand up.  Friction is your friend.  Pretty gnarly, really challenging, and super fun!  Here’s more.

Nate's First Ascent of the Day

 My feet while I was belaying Nate…

Check Out the Five Fingers 🙂

 My second route.

Almost to the top…

And then there’s the most photogenic dog on the planet waiting at the bottom…

Insanely Cute

Belaying at the end of day 1.  Another fun shot of  the Five Fingers in action :D.


 The Kaya-face and I taking a breather on day 2.

Relaxation at the Bottom of the Wall

Now for the food on the rocks…  I tried my first Pranabars and they were delicious!!  I was so impressed by the ingredients list!  You can kind of see it in the picture, but if you’d never seen a chemical sounding word in your life, you still would have known what every ingredient on the list was!

Coconut Acai Pranabar

Apricot Goji Pranabar

My favorite was definitly the coconut one.  If you like cocnut, you will love that bar.  I liked the apricot one too.  I’m just partial to coconut and and thought that one tasted like it had a bit more substance to it when you bit into it.

More food.  We stopped in Laramie on Friday night to eat at Altitude Chophouse and Brewery before going to set up camp.  Here’s what I had and the beer sampler :).   I can’t remember all of the beers, but there was a chile beer and it was amazing!  I love chile beers.  They remind me of pepper jelly.  I even brought home a gowler of it.

"Cajun" Pizza

Up Close and Personal

The pizza had the nicest doughy crust.  Toppings included red onions, crawfish, fire-roasted tomatoes, and red pepper flakes.  Cheese was mozzarella and asiago.  It was a struggle not to order 5 more, but then I got back to the delicious beer sampler!

Kaya’s ready to go to camp!


And breakfast the next morning at camp…

Cold Pizza 😀

Healthy Addition to Not So Healthy Breakfast Leftovers 😉

And here’s a salad we got in town on Sunday, while our friend, Rick, was getting a tattoo.  It’s a Sante Fe Salad.  Tip alert.  When you’re ordering salads in restaurants, look for ones with super flavorful toppings, so you won’t be tempted to use the usually high calorie dressings that come with them.  This one came with ranch and I didn’t eat a drop of it.  Oh, and make sure it’s got protein (chicken in this case) and some healthy fats (guacamole here), so that you aren’t hungry again 20 minutes later!

Santa Fe Salad

That’s all for the weekend.  Hope you enjoyed all ~20 pictures.  See ya tomorrow, with some eats from today and whatever happens to find it’s way into my mouth tomorrow ;).

Gone Climbing…

And you guys thought I was kidding when I said I don’t know how to slow down…  Well, you probably didn’t because you don’t know me yet, but I was hopeful ;). 

Unfortunately, a few of my climbing buds want to head south to this spot, Vedauwoo, that I haven’t been to yet.  New experience involving climbing?  As if I could say no!  So, I will see you on Sunday night with a photo overload!  Until then…

A few pictures from last fall.

Top Roping in the Canyon

Same Route

Go Go Gadget Leg 😉

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!!


Ok guys, this afternoon has been insane.  Things I accomplished after getting back to town from work at 4:30 to now!  Go!

  • go to the plumbing store and get a new filter in order to restore water pressure to my house
  • come home to feed/let out Kaya-face
  • change clothes and eat a Kashi fruit and grain bar in one bite
  • teach a two hour climbing class at the indoor climbing wall
  • finally get my lead certification at said climbing wall
  • come home to battle mow the jungle lawn for the first time this year before the sun goes down (I’ve done it in the dark before – I do not recommend it 😛 )
  • eat my friggin’ dinner – a spinach salad with honey dill vinaigrette with chickpeas + leftover veggies
  • walk Kaya-face

And finally, I realized I left my camera at work, so no food pictures today guys 😦 .  I have, however, added and updated a page, Husky in the Room, for my awesome dog, Kaya!  This is her, looking quite regal, from a camping trip to the Tetons two summers ago.

It is now 11:15 pm and I have to get up in 5 hours and 45 minutes.  I bid you a good evening kind folks!  Enjoy Kaya-face :D.

Debut Dinner!

Helloooo world!  Welcome to my blog about food, food, food, oh, and travelling and climbing, the two other things I love doing most outside of my full time job …on top of finding and making GOOD FOOD.  A lot of this blog will be about my journey into the world of whole foods and trying to cut out all of the refined and processed foods that I unknowingly relied on to lose my “college 15.”  I’ve been on a long road to get here, learning about portion sizes, how many calories are in the foods I love and how to whip up alternatives to those foods.  It will also feature lots of climbing adventures here in the great state of Wyoming and my trips around the world!  There’s going to be loads more in the “About” section about me, so be sure to check that out to learn more about me and my 3 favorite things in life 😀 

So, I’m just going to dive right in.  This entry’s got it all!  I just returned from a trip to St. Lucia in the south caribbean it was just sooo relaxing and wonderful.  We stayed in a house we rented off of  This website is a travellers best friend.  It’s Vacation Rentals by Owner.  Check it out and these pictures!

Bluest Ocean View Ever

Hangin on the Front of the Boat with the Pitons

Annnd then, there’s climbing.  You guys, climbing is something I’ve always wanted to do but only really got into about 1 1/2 years ago.  I love the challange and the people I’ve met through it, so I’m totally stoked to share it with you guys!  Some interesting food should show up in these posts too since we’re always throwing together fun stuff at camp 🙂  Here’s a photo or two from last weekend.

Rear View Mirror Look in the Canyon

Mike Climbing!!

And, finally, here are the goods – my dinner tonight!  OK, it’s not THE most exciting thing by any stretch of the imagination, but I had a huge leftover steak for lunch, so I loaded up on veggies tonight and made a seriously tasty honey curry hummus from Ashley’s blog on half of a whole wheat pita!  I sauteed the veggies in olive oil with red pepper flakes, oregano, garlic, salt and pepper.  Veggies were: white onion, broccoli, carrots, red cabbage (got that idea in St. Lucia!), crimini mushies, yellow bell pepper, asparagus, and spinach.  Whew!  I loaded up on veggies when I got back from vacay as you can see!

Leftover Veggies 😉

So Delish Honey Curry Hummus

Nom Nom Nom

That’s all folks!  Probably a bit longer than the typical post here will be.  Can’t wait to get this going and share my eats, travels, and climbing with all of you wonderful blog readers!!