Colorado and Back

Aaaand, I’m back.  Colorado was wonderful this weekend.  Absolutely nothing went as planned, but things are always more fun that way if you’re willing to look on the bright side ;).  At one point I was actually driving west in the general direction of Steamboat Springs having no idea where I would stay for the night in order to get a decent amount of sleep for the 10k.  Bright side:  it was a gorgeous sunny spring day driving through the rockies. 

On the food side of things,  Saturday started with oatmeal blueberry pancakes and hashbrowns from a bag (bright side: at least the pancakes were healthy).  Ummm, unfortunately it was made in a kitchen that reminded me of the frat houses from college and I couldn’t bring myself to take pictures of it.  Sorry.  But they were exactly like these pancakes from last week, but with frozen blueberries included by request.

Oatmeal Pancakes!

Lunch was a chocolate chip CLIF bar from a gas station because I was still pretty full from pancakes.  So impressed that they actually had these at a gas station by the way! 


Favorite thing about running races: carbs.  Haha, probably didn’t need to do any major carb loading for a 10k, but it’s a good enough excuse for me :).  Went to an italian restaurant with a patio in Steamboat (did I mention how awesome the weather was?) and started with some mussels and  a salad with sundried tomato vinaigrette. 

Demolished Salad 😛

Then I got a pile of penne pasta with veggies (zucchini, artichokes, tomatoes, broccoli, and onions).  I wasn’t overly impressed with the sauce.  It had great flavor, but it was extremely oily (bright side:  it’s cool, I’ll burn it off while running 6 miles in the morning :))

Sunday morning:  time for the 10k!  I wanted to be able to run the whole thing without stopping to walk and to finish it in an hour.  I came extremely close to doing both.  I walked for about 1/4 of a mile (on the last hill no less! wish I had known it was the last hill!!) and finished in 1:08. 

Considering the first half of the course included some pretty mean hills, I am really happy with that time.  One and a half years ago, I couldn’t even run one mile without stopping!

Before I ran I had a Larabar (first one ever by the way).  It was delicious, although I don’t know if it was really the ideal pre-race food.  It worked for me.  My stomach didn’t hurt or anything, but I’m not endorsing them as a good pre-race snack because I know nothing about these sorts of things…

After the race, I went to The Egg & I and got  a massive omelette with rye toast.

I attacked the rye bread and then remembered to take some more pictures :).  Under the rye bread was another pile

Potatoes!! Carbs... ❤

Omelette was egg whites, diced ham, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and mushrooms.  All covered in cheese :D.  And a dollop of sour cream – I don’t think I’ve ever had this before, but I think I’ll be doing it more often now!

Kaya was totally praying I would knock this bad boy into her mouth!

Finally, I went to the blogger meet up at Wash Park.  Sad I couldn’t cook anything since I was on the road, but I tracked down a Whole Foods and grabbed some hummus and goat cheese.  Also, I toted these Humbles along from up here in Wyoming.

These are Dangerous (“D” capitalized on purpose guys!).  Purchase and open the bag at your own risk.  The entire bag may make it’s way into your stomach within hours.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Unfotunately, I killed my camera batteries earlier in the day using the flash for the meh picture of my in all of my running awesomeness.  Bright side:  Ashley and Heather were there and snapping away :P.  Hope you check out their blogs to get some idea of the awesomeness that was there.  I was lucky to escape before inducing a food coma that would have prevented safe passage back to Wyoming for work in the morning. 

Hope you all had as wonderful of a weekend as I did!


Lovin’ It

I am one week strong into this blog guys and I’m so glad I started Foodie on the Rocks!  If you have any lingering curiosity about the name, I’ll drop it all on you now.  It refers to my love of food and climbing (kind of obvious I think :P), but it also alludes to my never-ending attempt to balance my love for travelling and experiencing new things with my full-time job as an engineer.  I’m always using my time off from work to the max, but sometimes I really have to remind myself to take a weekend at home and just relax!!      

I think I may have had it figured out in this hammock…      

St. Lucia Style Siesta 😀

 On the other side, I’m so glad there might actually be a few of you out there reading this that I don’t know and haven’t personally told about the blog 😉 and enjoying it!  I know it’s going to take me a little while to really find my voice and really hone in on how I’m going to keep this thing interesting, but if you guys are up for it, so am I. 

So let me pick off where I left off yesterday really quickly.  Remember how I was going to go out and run since I’m doing a team marathon next weekend??  Well two things happened.  Firstly…      

Hail in the Backyard

Roomie Holding the Marble Sized Hail   

Needless to say, I did not go out and run.  Along with the hail, there was a tornado watch.  So going to the gym wasn’t an option either.  Boo.  Oh well…  At least I got to add some new pictures to Husky in the Room!  Check ’em out.      

Secondly, turns out our team captain did not register us for the team marathon.  Way.  Lame.  It’s cool, though.  I got on the web and found a 10k in Steamboat that I’m going to do instead.      

And here are my eats today folks…      

Breakfast was tasty with a capital flippin T y’all!  I made these oatmeal pancakes from Jenna’s blog.  Scrumptious and they’ve got the protein thang going on too.  I’ve found that protein is so crucial in my breakfasts to keep me going!      

Pancakes with the Real Stuff

You guys, if you’re still eating “table syrup” aka high fructose corn syrup, I beg of you.  Put the bottle down.  Walk to your cupboard, and throw it to the wind.  I mean, or you could just put in your trash can, just long as it’s gone!  Real maple syrup is the only way to go in my book because it’s tastes whoa! times better and well, it’s not full of processed stuff.  Period.  OK, rant over.   

And whoops!  I didn’t get to eat that until I had my blood drawn.  Eek!      


I forgot it was wellness day.  Each year the company does free blood draws and wellness evaluations, and actually if you go through with the whole she-bang and go to another day they set up and talk to a wellness coach about your results they put some extra cash the old paycheck!  And, I got this nice little snack plate to reward me for my ~11 hour fast.      


Lunch….not overly exciting.  Spinach, tomato, and honey curry hummus on half a pita.  But, wait!  Haha, another department brought in food for lunch and needed help with leftovers, so I grabbed some strawb’s and pineapple and some antelope sausage one of the guys brough in :).  It was pretty salty for me, but good!      



When I got home from work I had a glorious plan to go run and then go to yoga.  Uh, not so much.  Sat down for a few too many minutes on the couch, so I’d just have to do yoga after I walked Kaya-face and then run.  No biggie.  Not so much.  Yoga instructor played hookie.  Lame.  Oh well, I ran 3 miles in 32 minutes – only one 4 minute break in there, so yay!  Workin’ back up my endurance slowly but surely :).      

And here’s dinner.  I decided to make some of these veggie burgers.  Thanks, Angela!  If you had told me one year ago that I would be making veggie burgers I would have laughed…hard…in your face.  It’s tasty as, though, so give ’em a whirl!  PS  I used whole wheat pastry flour, because it’s what I had.      



You’ll pretty much want to process it down to a puree, but the camera battery was dying, so I didn’t get a shot of that.      


Again, had to do the whole spicy thing, because what doesn’t kill you, makes your taste buds stronger :P.  That’s a baked sweet potato hiding in the back there with a bit of butter, one tablespoon of brown sugar, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.      

I’ll leave you with my treat to myself for the evening.      


This ice cream is the best!  Coconut milk is to ice cream as diamonds are to girls.  Oh yeah, I just compared that ice cream to diamonds.  It is that good.  For one half of a cup it’s 150 calories, 9 grams of fat, and 6 grams of fiber.  Plus the ingredients list stupendous.  Good night, indeed!