Taste Reigns Supreme

Buffalo Chicken Omelette.  Haha, yes.  While driving back home yesterday, I couldn’t get that bagel from Saturday out of my head.  The hot sauce and the cream cheese went together so well.  So, in all of my culinary glory (ha!) I dreamed up the buffalo chicken omelette.  I was also inspired by this true culinary artist and her fruit omelette from last week – because come on, even on my best day I would never dream of putting fruit in an omelette and then actually be able to pull it off!!  But, the omelette is like the pizza of breakfast y’all – infinite possibilities!!

Now, I am no omelette flipping pro and the following picture is why this post earned the title, “Taste Reigns Supreme.”

Hot Mess

Visually scary?!  Yes.  Gonna be amazing?!  10-4.  And, here’s how things progressed from the start (please forgive the hurried photography + fogged/smudged lense)…  I was hangry!! 😛

Saute veggies.  Got it.

Hot Mess

Add 2-3 egg whites and turn omelette into a hot mess.  Check.

Oh, who cares what this looks like, it’s going to be a party in my mouth.  More cream cheese, please! 😀

And, voila!  Food photography lesson #1.  If it looks like a huge pile of ingredients instead of an actual omelette, cover it in sauce!  I was originally going to put the Frank’s in the inside all over the chicken and cream cheese, but when I saw how scary it looked, I figured I would only being doing the photo a favor by using the hot sauce to cover said pile 😉 .

And there you have it.  Sooo good, but must work on photography and omelette flipping skillz!