Don’t Forget Your Pictures!

OK, this whole taking pictures of what I eat before I start eating them is going to take a while.  I totally almost finished my breakfast before the idea of photographing it even crossed my mind.  I did do OK the rest of the day, even though I almost took a bite of my lunch before I remembered.  Also, I’m being totally covert about the whole taking pictures of my food thing at work because I’ve still got a pretty gnarly learning curve going on and I’m pretty sure everyone at work would think I was insane 😛

Anyways, breakfast was an egg white puff with spinach cooked into it served open face on half of an ezekiel english muffin.  I’m totally addicted to these and wanted to save the other half of it for my honey curry hummus!  Here’s brekkie:

half eaten egg white and spinach puff

 Also, I put this awesome hot sauce on it that I got in St. Lucia!  It’s made with Scottish Bonnet Peppers, which I had never heard of before, but apparently it’s in the same pepper family as a habenero (haha, enough said!).  Here’s a photo of it with my painfully messy desk in the background.

Rockin Caribbean Hot Sauce

 Lunch was leftover vegetable curry with whole wheat coucous and some of the other half of the ezekiel english muffin with the honey curry hummus.  Sooo tasty.  Curry and I are very good friends and next to catch up more often!

Veggie Curry

Afternoon snack was some almonds that I ate before the camera came out and some strawberries and the last of that ezekiel english muffin with some pumpkin pie hummus (oh yeah, you read write!!).  I’ll post the recipe tomorrow, I promise.  Super awesome thing to do to your strawberries:  sprinkle sugar (or a sweetener like I did) on them.  Did you grow up eating whipped cream on your strawberries??  Because I did, and it was superb.  So guess what – sprinkling sugar on them tastes exactly the same, but without the fat.

Strawberries and English Muffin with Hummus!

And finally, my super uninspired dinner, because I did not get home until 9:30!

Kashi Cereal with Raspberries

What can I say?  I was very hungry, it was already past 9, so Kashi cereal, almond milk, and raspberries I picked up at the store tonight were on the menu!  And with that, it is past my bed time.  Good night!


Debut Dinner!

Helloooo world!  Welcome to my blog about food, food, food, oh, and travelling and climbing, the two other things I love doing most outside of my full time job …on top of finding and making GOOD FOOD.  A lot of this blog will be about my journey into the world of whole foods and trying to cut out all of the refined and processed foods that I unknowingly relied on to lose my “college 15.”  I’ve been on a long road to get here, learning about portion sizes, how many calories are in the foods I love and how to whip up alternatives to those foods.  It will also feature lots of climbing adventures here in the great state of Wyoming and my trips around the world!  There’s going to be loads more in the “About” section about me, so be sure to check that out to learn more about me and my 3 favorite things in life 😀 

So, I’m just going to dive right in.  This entry’s got it all!  I just returned from a trip to St. Lucia in the south caribbean it was just sooo relaxing and wonderful.  We stayed in a house we rented off of  This website is a travellers best friend.  It’s Vacation Rentals by Owner.  Check it out and these pictures!

Bluest Ocean View Ever

Hangin on the Front of the Boat with the Pitons

Annnd then, there’s climbing.  You guys, climbing is something I’ve always wanted to do but only really got into about 1 1/2 years ago.  I love the challange and the people I’ve met through it, so I’m totally stoked to share it with you guys!  Some interesting food should show up in these posts too since we’re always throwing together fun stuff at camp 🙂  Here’s a photo or two from last weekend.

Rear View Mirror Look in the Canyon

Mike Climbing!!

And, finally, here are the goods – my dinner tonight!  OK, it’s not THE most exciting thing by any stretch of the imagination, but I had a huge leftover steak for lunch, so I loaded up on veggies tonight and made a seriously tasty honey curry hummus from Ashley’s blog on half of a whole wheat pita!  I sauteed the veggies in olive oil with red pepper flakes, oregano, garlic, salt and pepper.  Veggies were: white onion, broccoli, carrots, red cabbage (got that idea in St. Lucia!), crimini mushies, yellow bell pepper, asparagus, and spinach.  Whew!  I loaded up on veggies when I got back from vacay as you can see!

Leftover Veggies 😉

So Delish Honey Curry Hummus

Nom Nom Nom

That’s all folks!  Probably a bit longer than the typical post here will be.  Can’t wait to get this going and share my eats, travels, and climbing with all of you wonderful blog readers!!