Fitness with a Side of Food

Today was a Monday as far as food’s concerned :P.  I had a bagel and cream cheese from Starbucks for breakfast (eaten in the car, so it went unphotographed) and a double shot of espresso, to which I added one cup of almond milk.  I’m a total milk snob these days!

For lunch I had half of a ginormous baked sweet potato with about 1/2 cup of vegetarian baked beans.  The ingredients list was nice and short and in english ;), so I figured I’d give them a go.

The flavor wasn’t nearly as good as my usual “homestyle” Bush’s baked beans, but gave them a little life by adding about a 1/2 tablespoon of spicy brown mustard and  one tablespoon of ketchup :D.  Trust me it’s delicious.  If I’d had molasses on hand at work, I would have added about a teaspoon of that too!  There will certainly be more of these in my future!

Afternoon snackage was a peach!  I was so excited to have my first good peach of the year!  I had tried one or two a few weeks back and they were not ripe.  Good peaches are easily my favorite seasonal fruit!

Dinner was this Wolfgang Puck soup I discovered at the store. 

It was great, but the ingredients list was a perfect example of organic not necessarily meaning unprocessed!

It was a bit disappointing, but cooking wasn’t going to happen, it turned out to be a great soup (of the canned variety), and you can’t win ’em all, so it’s a compromise I’m willingly to make!

On to fitness.  Tonight I ended my exercise hiatus I’d been on since the horse debacle last weekend.  I took Kaya on a 3 mile walk and it went great!  It was by no means strenuous, but the cool part: I did the whole thing in my five fingers!! 

Vibram Five Fingers 😀

It’s the longest I’ve gone in them (in general and it was all on concrete sidewalks) and there was absolutely no discomfort!  One month in and I am very excited about these shoes and will keep you up to date as I work them into my running more and more!

On another note, I have decided to challenge myself to improve my upper body strength with a simple goal this month.  I would like to be able to do 50 push ups consecutively with correct form.  Katie over at Yes, I Want Cake is taking on 25.  Maybe this is a better choice :P.  But maybe if this month goes well, I’ll up the ante in August!  Or maybe I’ll still be working my way towards 50 in August :).

I know this isn’t a super balanced upper body strength training program, but the way I look at it, it’s better than nothing, and I tend to get burned out when I do full on weight training programs.  Weight training just isn’t my favorite thing to do, so I’m going to ease into it, starting with a small goal this time.

And lastly.  I’ve been trying to get signed up with a team to run the Wild West Relay from Fort Collins, CO to Steamboat Springs, CO. 

It’s a 200-miler with teams of up to 12 people!  One day while googling races, actually trying to find a half marathon to do in the fall, I stumbled upon this gnarly abomination of a race :P.

If I can’t get onto a team, though, I am going to do a half marathon in September or October, so I will keep you updated on that as well!  Keep your fingers crossed for me, because this would definitely rank in the top 5 most awesome things I’ve ever done and I’m really hoping I can find a team to adopt me!

Now I’m off to see just how many push ups I can do correctly!  Because between you and me, I don’t have the slightest idea what that number is right now ;)!