Ho Hum Mondays

Well, as the name of this posts suggests, today was a Monday.  A ho hum, I was out of town, so no fun stuff was waiting in my fridge for leftovers at work today, Monday.  Breakfast pretty much went down on par with last week.  Granola and Fage 0% greek yogurt.

As you can see, it did get a little kick when someone in the office offered me some berries as she was putting her lunch in the refrigerator :D.  To which, I decided a little coconut butter addition wouldn’t hurt!  It was cool because the cold temperature of the berries solidified the coconut butter.  They were like little candy crusted gems in my “ho hum, I’ve been eating this for one week now, granola and yogurt” ;).

Lunch had the potential to be quite lack luster ho hum (may as well stick with the theme here) and entirely too small, but was saved by some left over roast beef and dinner rolls hangin’ out from a meeting luncheon last week!

OK, it’s still not exciting by any means, but it’s cool Mondays, you’re better than Wednesdays in my book any day!  The soup is Amy’s Organic Chunky Tomato Soup with some added dried basil and red pepper flakes :).

With my first bite, I thought it was a bit on the salty side and a quick glance at the nutritional label confirmed my suspicions.  In 1/2 of the can (the same amount that’s photographed) there is 680 mg of sodium :(.  Oh well, it’s all about balance I suppose.  Bright side: at least it was organic and a fifth grader could spell all of the ingredients :)!

Afternoon snackage.

I told you it was a Monday.

Thankfully, dinner marched in to save the day when I got home!  I was looking for something small, because on the way home, my hand was stuck in a consant motion of back and forth between a new bag of organic cherries and my mouth.

I rummaged through the fridge and freezer and found these sweet potato gnocchi that I’d forgotten about from this winter!

I made up a crazy simple sauce to go with them.  Really, it’s so simple, I don’t think the word sauce actually applies, but we’ll just go with it.  Step 1:  melt 1 tablespoon of butter and add 1 teaspoon of olive oil.  Step 2:  Add ~2 tablespoons dried cherries.  Heat through.  Done.

Add cooked sweet potato gnocchi, toss and serve.  And fondly remember the brandy and egg nog you were enjoying with it only 6 months ago with slippers and your favorite couch blanket donned.

Now, I’ve got Mama Pea’s African Peanut Stew hangin’ out in the crock pot overnight (since I usually only average a depressing 6 hours of sleep each night). 

Tuesday certainly will not resemble Monday.  Thanks for being so reliable Tuesday.  I always look forward to you.  Unless you’re my Monday because it was my three weekend off from work.  Then, not so much.  OK, I think that’s enough “crazy lady rocking back and forth on the park bench surrounded by pigeons” rambling for one night. 

It’s bed time blog world!


Half Way There

OK, I am not starting this post until 10:30 pm, because I just got done working at the climbing wall (tonight I was belay slave :().  It ended up OK, though, since we were slow.  I got to climb a bit and do some maintenance on some of the routes.  So if it seems like someone with a 3rd grade education wrote it, that’s why.  Just sayin’. 😛

So last night was one of those, “let’s just throw random things into a pan and see what happens” kind of nights. Said things turned out to be:

  • shrimp
  • sliced red onions
  • spinach
  • 1 crushed garlic clove
  • cherry tomatoes, cut in half
  • splash of white wine

It looked like this.

Not too shabby.  I cooked the onions on medium low for about 15 minutes in an attempt to caramelize them.  I don’t think they quite got there, but that was the intent. 

Next I added the shimp.  Then I threw the tomatoes, garlic clove, and spinch in and deglazed the pan with a splash of white wine. 

I seasoned it with S&P and red pepper flakes (add as little or as much as you like depending on how well you get along with spicy ;)).  Don’t forget to pull out the clove of garlic!

Breakfast was the same as the last day, but I did forget to tell you about the chia seeds!  Honestly, I’m just delving into these so I’m no expert, but if you’re interested google the awesomeness/history of the chia seed! 

They’re all hiding in this photo, but if you look at yesterday’s, you can see the little black seeds!  I’ve been adding 1/2 of a tablespoon to my 1/2 cup serving of granola in the morning.

My lunch was leftover dinner plus half of a baked sweet potato.

Wondering what’s on that sweet potato?? 

It’s coconut butter!  Well what’s coconut butter? some of you may be asking…  It’s amazing.  And so simple as long as you have a food processor. 

Simply buy a bag of unsweetened shredded coconut.

Throw it into a the processor and turn on.  Don’t forget the lid :P.

First you’ll start to see some of it sticking together like so.  Scrape down the sides of the bowl just this once if you must, but it’s not necessary.

Then, it will start to look like this.  Still very grainy. 

Then a few minutes later you have…

…coconut butter!

It tastes amazing (provided of course that you like coconut).  Just throw it into an old jar or tupperware container.

It hardens at room temperature and there is no need to refrigerate it.  My last stash lasted me about 1 month, so I don’t know how long it will keep because I never got there :D.  Honestly, I’m guessing it has a pretty long shelf life.  I learned how to make this addicting substance from this informative post by HEAB.  Now say it all together:  “Thank you, Heather.”

There are endless addicting way to use this stuff.  On top of oats, on top of pancakes, as icing, dip your chocolate in it (which I totally did today :D). 

A Little Dark Chocolate to Go with my Coconut Butter 😉

Also, extremely good drizzled over banana coconut muffins from my fave sweets extraordinaire.  The list goes on and on!

When I got home today I had the other half of my banana soft serve.  It was topped with the same raw chocolate syrup, minus the almond butter.


It was just as delightful as I remembered it. 

I will share my dinner with you tomorrow because I am tiiiirrreedddddd! 

Oh, and I’m off to a wedding this weekend in Blacksburg, VA (home of my most favoritest place in the world, Virginia Tech), so I’m driving down to Denver tomorrow to stay the night before I take off at 6 am :(.  Posting will be spurratic, but I’m hoping to get a lot done on the plane for the blog (especially Kaya’s puppy photo’s, which I just got in the mail, and more for the About section)!  Have a wonderful weekend!