The Best Salsa I Ever Made

I made the best salsa the other day.  Well, the best salsa I’ve ever made.  Which actually isn’t saying a lot. I don’t make amazing salsa, which has frustrated me multiple times, but it never will again.  Because now I can make this roasted tomatillo salsa from Tyler Florence.

It was surprisingly awesome and not as spicy as you might think a salsa with 2 jalapeños might be.

Also this was my first ever experience working with tomatillos!  Best tip I learned: if any of the husks aren’t coming off easily, use running warm water or a bowl of warm water to help get them off.

The Ingredients:

1 pound husked tomatillos
1 white onion
2 jalapeños
4 cloves of garlic
1 1/2 tsp cumin
Juice of 1/2 of one lime
Salt to taste

Roast the first four ingredients at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes. This take almost all of the heat out of the jalapeños, so don’t worry about two of them going into this salsa.

Put the roasted ingredients and any juices into a food processor with the rest of the ingredients. Pulse until the salsa is blended to your desired consistency.

This stuff blew Jesse and I away. We made some chicken enchiladas with these that I’ll have to post some info on on a later date, but for now go buy some tomatillos and make this salsa!


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