Bouldering – Bishop

So, 10 days in California.  It was a blast, and really the first road trip I’ve done in a few years!  It was nice, even if we did just drive through the night.  Things always get a little interesting when you hit the road or the skies, but something about the road just seems more adventurous!

To make things slightly more adventurous, Kaya hitched a ride with us unexpectedly as well! 

Since we knew we’d be spending time with family for part of the trip (aka, not camping) we knew the dog could be a bit difficult.  Plus we were driving in a tiny Honda Civic with a massive boulder pad (what she’s sitting on in the photo above). Unfortunately, Kaya got off to a bit of a rough start with the kennel owner, though, and he wasn’t comfortable keeping her for 10 days :(. 

But we all got comfortable and hit the road!

And, like I mentioned last time, we ended up in Bishop, CA for some great bouldering!  We climbed at three different spots within 20 miutes of town. 

the Buttermilks…

the Happy’s…

and the Sad’s…which I only shot right before sunset…

And this was the best camping spot ever.  We got there at night and Jesse hinted at how awesome the views were but I was still blown away…

And here are some climbing highlights.

Some randoms of Jesse.

And some of the problems, I climbed…

This first one gave me hell and I never did make it to the top.

This next one was really fun and took a lot of tries, but eventually I got the moves and made it to the top.

And this was the last problem I did in Bishop.  A V0 (easiest rating except for a VB, V-beginner) highball problem.  It was lots of fun even though I swore at the top out, because I didn’t see the hude holds at first ;).

And that’s it!

Right now I’m hanging out in a hotel in Tulsa on my way to see some friends in Birmingham for Thanksgiving, and then on to Richmond, where I grew up.

Back soon with some funny stories from the road!


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