30 Days Ago

30 days ago I did something kind of scary…  30 days ago, I resigned from my job.  It’s hard to believe, but it was quite a few months ago I decided that I want to do a few more things in life before I really settle down to focus on a career.  I want to travel and experience more than a full time job could afford, so I’m off. 

I’m going to be living the proverbial dream (at least my version of it ;)) and that excites me in a way I haven’t felt since, ironically, I moved to Wyoming (for the job that I left 30 days ago) without knowing a soul. 

Personally, I want to know that I’ve lived as much as an ambitious, adventurous (and jobless!) 26 year old can before I settle down.  I want to push my limits and have the freedom to pick up and go wherever my wallet and imagination can afford for a little while. 

So that’s what I’m doing.  Right now, my passion is rock climbing and I’ve moved to a smaller town in Wyoming at the foothills of the Wind River mountains.  This place is sport climbing heaven and there’s some killer back country snowboarding around as well for the off days from climbing this winter!

I could end up in many different places in the next year, but here a few plans/ideas that are constantly evolving. 

I do know that I’m road tripping to Texas for a one month, epic climbing trip in February.  We’re going to Heuco Tanks and we’ll be traveling in a kind of luxury that could only be experienced in a beauty like this.

The Van


Then in March I could end up in the Caymen Islands or New Zealand for some climbing shenanigans.  The scales are tipping towards NZ right now, since that was the original plan, but we’ll see how the fledgling plans for the Caymens shake out.  If NZ is in the cards I’ll probably hop over to Australia for a bit as well.  Otherwise…

Who knows :).

That’s the beauty of all of this.  For now, I do know that I’ll be traveling to some great spots, meeting some awesome people, and living my life to the fullest. 

Anyways, what did I do on the last day of my “career job?”  Besides eating an absurd amount of cake and pie and saying many goodbyes?  Well, I didn’t just drive over to climbing heaven and set up shop right away.  I took a bit of a road trip. 

After driving throughout the night for 13 hours, through southwestern Wyoming, Utah, and the Nevada desert, this is where Jesse and I ended up.


We spent 10 days climbing at the bottom of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Bishop, California!  Bishop is a bouldering mecca.  People travel from all over the world to climb on these rocks.

 We also visited some of each of our families in San Diego and LA for a good 2 ½ days off from wrecking our muscles and finger tips ;).  One hell of a way to kick it all off!

I’ll be back with another post with many more pictures from the trip!


6 Responses

  1. You go girl. I admire you for being brave enough to do what most of us don’t have the guts to do. Enjoy living your dream!

  2. Can’t keep up with you! Have fun and enjoy your freedom to go and do what you want when you want. You will not regret it.

  3. Wow…way to go! Follow your heart, and go with it. I admire you so much! And btw, it’s nice to see the blog back in action. I hope we get to see more of your adventures! 🙂

  4. good to see you back online!

  5. You know we are all insanely jealous and proud of you!! Like a said before, I want to be Lindsey French when I grow up!!! 🙂 xxoo

  6. Whoa girl. I’m jealous! And you wouldn’t happen to be in Lander, WY? I lived out there in the summer of 2007 while I interned for NOLS. It. Is.Gorgeous. I often miss the sky out there. I also never met so many amazing rock climbers in the area.

    Anyway, have fun with those inspirational travels. I sort of want to do the same thing.

    {And I”d vote for New Zealand as well. Never been, but it’s at the top of my list!}

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