New PR for Kaya-Dog

Kaya hit a new personal record while running with me last night!  And like many long distance runners 😛 she did have to stop for a mid-run poo (too much information?? nah…) and she needed a little encouragement towards the end. 

In the end she triumphed over all 4.2 miles though!  Time: 46 minutes.  Hills: heinous.  Congrats kaya-face :D. 

PS  The computer is probably gone, so lunch posts from work will be all that’s going to happen if anything for the next 6-7 days :(. 

Anyone have good plans for the weekend??  I’m off to climb.  Duh.  Haha, if I’m not outside of Wyoming this time of year, you can bet I’m climbing!


2 Responses

  1. I wish my dog could run that far!

    My weekend includes a long run, massage, and a Whole Foods trip. It is going to be good 🙂

  2. My weekend plans include writing more stinking essays for med school (UGH), running, and packing! This is my last weekend in Hartford before I head back to Colorado. I can’t believe it’s time to head West already!

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