Where to Start…

The blog lives on!  Sorry about the unexpected one week hiatus from the old blogski.  Last week was a bit hectic between work and trying to get ready for my trip down to the dirty south (location and more on that tomorrow :P).  I got about 20 hours of sleep between Sunday and Thursday, so needless to say there was no time to be writing falling asleep at my computer.  I actually did that at least three time while writing the last entry, Grill Master

Anyways!  First I’m going to share with you my now week old report on the big climbing festival I went to last weekend over in Lander.  It was the most fun weekend.  I met loads of new people, got loads of new climbing/camping gear (some of it free :P) and got to climb for three days.  Way, way fun.

Where to start…

Long story, short to begin with I ended packing up and heading over alone.  There were supposed to be three of us, but hey, the best laid plans…  I got the bar where most of the opening night festivities were going on, ordered a beer, and went outside just to check the place out.  Jackpot.  They were projecting climbing videos onto the side of the bar.  So I hung and no more than 10 minutes in a friend from Ten Sleep tapped me on the shoulder.

So, yay, I was no longer a lone traveller!  We got up the next morning and headed to the trade show with his friends and the free items started to appear…  For instance, we found out that we could test Mountain Hardwear gear and get free loot just for returning it and reviewing it for them the next day.  I tested this sleeping bag.  It’s the Women’s Phantom 32 degree bag.

Honestly, I wasn’t impressed.  I got into the bag completely warm and woke up with frozen toes.  It was a 32 degree bag, but it definitely didn’t get colder than that.  Oh well.  Otherwise it was a great women’s bag (nice and snug fit) and the material and weight were great.

I also grabbed a “new to me” climbing rope for $35. 

Yeah, not free, but it’s a $250 climbing rope that had been used about 15 times.  Pretty awesome steal.  The lady and her husband were from Red Chili and had just stopped using this rope for sponsoring reasons.  Then I got to demo these Five Ten climbing shoes.  They’re the dragons. 

And they are the shiz.  They’re the perfect blend of aggressive and not making you want to cry out in pain after half of a route.  Agressive shoes, which are great for tiny footholds, can be quite uncomfortable, but these weren’t that bad and stuck to anything I had the cojones to stand up on!

They turned out to be free too, but that’s another story….  Anyways, yeah, it was awesome.  Then we did a bit of climbing at an area called Wild Iris.

Awesome day.  I got about 5 routes in, climbing a 5.9 and two 5.10’s. 

Sorry, we didn’t snap any pictures of me…

The next day we went hunting for a new wall, really trying to avoid the insane crowds!  Uh, we were not successful.  We eneded up hiking through this.

There was no trail.  We thought we headed towards one we would intersect, but that didn’t happen.  We just hiked for about two hours and made our way through this meadow, and back to the car.

Haha, in this one you can see the wall behind all the trees to the right…

It was quite scenic at least and little flowers kept getting stuck in my Vibram’s…

The guys were giving me crap for stopping and taking pictures of it :).

We did finally get to do more climbing, though! 

And this little guy kept paying us visits.

If only I could hear the collective “awwww…” that echoing around the blog world small group of five people who might still be reading this :P.

That night was a big block party and they held a dyno competition.  A dyno is a climbing move where you have to jump to get to the next hand hold.  It was insane some of the moves they were coming up with towards the end. 

One of the few Ladies in the Comp

They finally had to end it with a tug of war, because the last two guys standing were just crushing everything!

Also I turned in that Mountain Hardwear bag, and got my free loot. 

Uh, yeah!!  A freakin’ free monkey phur fleece!  I was shocked!!  These bad boys are so awesome, but I never wanted to throw down the $150 to grab my own.  Problem solved :).  And it has this super official Test Team patch on the sleeve!

The last day way more climbing until we got chased off the hill by a hail storm.  Haha, it was ridiculous!  People we stacking it in the mud try to get back to the parking lot and we pretty much all looked like drowned rats.  So we went to the bar for a farewell beverage.  Where I got this free sweatshirt…

Haha, I told you!  Awesome, awesome weekend.  Oh, and I also got this book for free at a presentation I went to.

Can’t wait to read it!


2 Responses

  1. You got a free Mountain Hardwear fleece????? Lucky girl! Looks like you had an amazing time, and I’m glad to see you back on the old blogski! 🙂 Great nature pics, as always. Western mountain scenery just puts all others to shame.

  2. Sounds like you a great trip! I love getting free swag 😉

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