Grill Master

Are you a grill-aholic when summer comes?  Do you dream of the endless possible combinations of processed meat and  vegetables you can throw on the sucker whenever your heart stomach so desires??  I do! 

Last Thursday, one of the guys at work brought in some T-bones from his cattle ranch.  They were massive.  I mean 16 ounces of meat on each one at the very least kind of massive. 

My hand for refernce…

Guys, I work in a fairly male dominated industry and some how I ended up behind the grill.  I was cool with strutting my superior grilling skills in front of them, though.  I think they were all secretly terrified I was going to ruin the steaks, but if there is one thing I could never do to a big ole hunk of red meat, it’s cook it any more than medium rare.  

And here we go.  An awesome trick to grill a good medium rare steak. 

Curl up your pointer finger to touch the tip of your thumb like you’re giving someone the OK hand signal.  Feel the base of your thumb just below your first knuckle on the edge of your palm.  It should be pretty soft.  This is what a medium rare piece of meat should feel like (for super tender cuts of meat, though, the less this actually works).  Move your pointer finger and put your middle finger in its place, then your ring finger, then your pinky.  Your pinky would respresent a well done steak, ring finger is medium well, and your pinky is well done.  Please don’t ever do this to a perfectly good steak, though. 😛

And the burgers from tonight!  Trick to burgers:  put a thumbprint/indent in the middle fo each burger to keep them from tightening up and shrinking in diameter.

I will share all of my glorious pictures with you from one of the best weekends I’ve had in a while tomorrow night when I have time to do it justice :).

Good night everyone!


2 Responses

  1. You NEVER cook a piece of red meat past RARE. I like it bloody 😉

  2. Love the grill tips! Now, if only i had a grill….soon hopefully! 🙂

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