New PR for Kaya-Dog

Kaya hit a new personal record while running with me last night!¬† And like many long distance runners ūüėõ she did have to stop for a mid-run poo (too much information?? nah…) and she needed a little encouragement towards the end.¬†

In the end she triumphed over all 4.2 miles though!  Time: 46 minutes.  Hills: heinous.  Congrats kaya-face :D. 

PS¬† The computer is probably gone, so lunch posts from work will be all that’s going to happen if anything for the next 6-7 days :(.¬†

Anyone have good plans for the weekend??¬† I’m off to climb.¬† Duh.¬† Haha, if I’m not outside of Wyoming this time of year, you can bet I’m climbing!


Not the Blog’s Month

Dang guys.  The blog just cannot catch a break this month.  I finally I have a nice week where I could have brought the blog back to all of its former glory life.  Alas, last night my computer decided this would not be the case.  I got the blue screen of death for the third day in a row and this time it said the memory dump failed.  To say the least, I got a huge pit in my stomach when I saw that.

I’ll be taking her to a computer doctor this afternoon.¬† Hopefully it can just be reformatted or something.¬† And hopefully, here’s the big one, hopefully all of my pictures can be restored.¬† Man.¬†¬†That one’s scary.¬† Yeah, there are a lot of pictures¬†that I have not backed up to my external hard drive from the past few months, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Here’s a super fast update on the Fitness with a Side of Food post anyways and then I must get to work.¬† You know, since I’m at work.¬† On my work computer ;).

I got on a team for the Wild West Relay!¬† I’m crazy excited.¬† Here are the legs I’m doing.

I’ve been training a lot, even sneaking in a 3 mile run in New Orleans.¬† I always try to do at least one run on vacations.¬†

The push up challenge isn’t really panning out this month because my thumb is still super inflamed from falling off that dang horse last month.¬† And I like climbing more than I like being able to do push ups.¬†¬†

So yeah, I haven’t been doing them in the interest of not hurting my thumb any more than it already is.¬† My friend’s fiance is actually a hand therapist, though, so she’s going to take a look at it tonight and hopefully help me get it on the mend permanently.

Pray for the blog ;).¬† I’ll be back when I can be!

‘Nawlins Baby!

So, I was down in New Orleans this weekend!¬† My little brother tied the knot!¬† It was so much fun.¬† I got to catch up with the whole family, which doesn’t happen often, since they all live back in Virginia where I grew up.¬†

The ceremony and the reception were beautiful, as was the bride!¬† Umm, and obviously, it was New Orleans, the food:¬† fantabulous to the max!¬† I’ve decided I’m going to do two posts on this trip because there are just too many good pictures to share.¬†

Today I’ll do the food, since it seems like forever since I’ve done a food post.¬† Tomorrow I will share the wedding pictures with you!¬† I kinda stole my cousin’s Canon Rebel DSLR camera during the ceremony and the reception, so I’ve got some goodies to share tomorrow¬†:D.

And in between that last sentence and this one my computer threw the hissy fit of the century, so I’m just going to let the pictures do most of the talking.¬† PS Drinks count as food :P.

First of many bloody mary’s!

Jambalaya omelette and the best garlic potatoes I dare say I’ve ever had!

We went to the Abita Brewery.¬† If you’re in New Orleans you must go here!¬† Free beer throughout the whole tour/presentation!

My friend, Adam, from college who went to the wedding with me.¬† He lives down in Louisiana and we had a blast!¬† And that’s my uncle pouring himself a beer!

And here are the rehearsal dinner photos held at The Court of Two Sisters.  Phenomenal. 

Fresh baked bread.

Turtle Soup!!  Crazy delicious.  Like a spicy tomato soup with turtle of course!

Shrimp and grits :D.  Pure joy.  I heart grits.

Tenderloin with green beans and mashed potatoes.  Also stellar.

And creme brulee.  Nuff said!

Then I discovered my cousin’s DSLR!

And then.  Well, then we ventured out to Bourbon Street.  Hand grenades are dangerous.  You have been warned ;).

Hurricanes from Pat O’ Brien’s are awesome.

Greasy pizza.  Scary.

Bloody mary to start the next day of course!

A dozen oysters on the half shell.  Delicious and fresh!

Oyster poboy with blue cheese and tabasco mayo.  I may have had a hangover and this sandwich may have been my savior ;).

Wedding reception!¬† There so much great food here, but a lot of the photos were on my cousin’s memory card, so I’ll have to share those later, but here are the ones I got.

The uber special crab cake table!!  And they were very uber tasty ;).

Fresh doughnuts and coffee from Cafe Du Monde after the reception.

Then of course there were more hurricanes.¬† I mean, c’mon.¬† We were on Bourbon Street ;).

And there may have been another slice of scary greasy pizza.¬† I couldn’t resist the jalapenos!

My farewell meal before hitting the skies back to Wyoming…¬† We went to Mother’s.¬† It’s a famous restaurant in NOLA that I fully recommend.¬† If you make it there and it’s super busy, stay!¬† It may take a minute or two, but it’ll be worth it!

The jambalaya.  Amazing, deep flavor. 

And the catfish poboy.¬† Super tasty and I just couldn’t do anything else fried by day 3, so I went for the grill one.

That’s it guys!!¬† I’ll see you soon with wedding pics!

Where to Start…

The blog lives on!  Sorry about the unexpected one week hiatus from the old blogski.  Last week was a bit hectic between work and trying to get ready for my trip down to the dirty south (location and more on that tomorrow :P).  I got about 20 hours of sleep between Sunday and Thursday, so needless to say there was no time to be writing falling asleep at my computer.  I actually did that at least three time while writing the last entry, Grill Master

Anyways!¬† First I’m going to share with you my now week old report on the big climbing festival I went to last weekend over in Lander.¬† It was the most fun weekend.¬† I met loads of new people, got loads of new climbing/camping gear (some of it free :P) and got to climb for three days.¬† Way, way fun.

Where to start…

Long story, short to begin with I ended packing up and heading over alone.¬† There were supposed to be three of us, but hey, the best laid plans…¬† I got the bar where most of the opening night festivities were going on, ordered a beer, and went outside just to check the place out.¬† Jackpot.¬† They were projecting climbing videos onto the side of the bar.¬† So I hung and no more than 10 minutes in a friend from Ten Sleep tapped me on the shoulder.

So, yay, I was¬†no longer a lone traveller!¬† We got up the next morning and headed to the trade show with his friends and the free items started to appear…¬† For instance, we found out that we could test Mountain Hardwear gear and get free loot just for returning it and reviewing it for them the next day.¬† I tested this sleeping bag.¬† It’s the Women’s Phantom 32 degree bag.

Honestly, I wasn’t impressed.¬† I got into the bag completely warm and woke up with frozen toes.¬† It was a 32 degree bag, but it definitely didn’t get colder than that.¬† Oh well.¬†¬†Otherwise it was a great women’s bag (nice and snug fit) and the material and weight were great.

I also grabbed a “new to me” climbing rope for $35.¬†

Yeah, not free, but it’s a $250 climbing rope that had been used about 15 times.¬† Pretty awesome steal.¬† The lady and her husband were from Red Chili and had just stopped using this rope for sponsoring reasons.¬† Then I got to demo these Five Ten climbing shoes.¬† They’re the dragons.¬†

And they are the shiz.¬† They’re the¬†perfect blend of aggressive and not making you want to cry out in pain after half of a route.¬† Agressive shoes, which¬†are great for tiny footholds,¬†can be quite uncomfortable, but these weren’t that bad and stuck to anything I had the cojones to stand up on!

They turned out to be free too, but that’s another story….¬† Anyways, yeah, it was awesome.¬† Then we did a bit of climbing at an area called Wild Iris.

Awesome day.¬† I got about 5 routes in, climbing a 5.9 and two 5.10’s.¬†

Sorry, we didn’t snap any pictures of me…

The next day we went hunting for a new wall, really trying to avoid the insane crowds!  Uh, we were not successful.  We eneded up hiking through this.

There was no trail.¬† We thought we headed towards one we would intersect, but that didn’t happen.¬† We just hiked for about two hours and made our way through this meadow, and back to the car.

Haha, in this one you can see the wall behind all the trees to the right…

It was quite scenic at least and little flowers kept getting stuck in my Vibram’s…

The guys were giving me crap for stopping and taking pictures of it :).

We did finally get to do more climbing, though! 

And this little guy kept paying us visits.

If only I could hear the collective “awwww…” that¬†echoing around the blog world small group of five people who might still be reading this :P.

That night was a big block party and they held a dyno competition.  A dyno is a climbing move where you have to jump to get to the next hand hold.  It was insane some of the moves they were coming up with towards the end. 

One of the few Ladies in the Comp

They finally had to end it with a tug of war, because the last two guys standing were just crushing everything!

Also I turned in that Mountain Hardwear bag, and got my free loot. 

Uh, yeah!!¬† A freakin’ free monkey phur fleece!¬† I was shocked!!¬† These bad boys are so awesome, but I never wanted to throw down the $150 to grab my own.¬† Problem solved :).¬† And it has this super official Test Team patch on the sleeve!

The last day way more climbing until we got chased off the hill by a hail storm.¬† Haha, it was ridiculous!¬† People we stacking it in the mud try to get back to the parking lot and we pretty much all looked like drowned rats.¬† So we went to the bar for a farewell beverage.¬† Where I got this free sweatshirt…

Haha, I told you!  Awesome, awesome weekend.  Oh, and I also got this book for free at a presentation I went to.

Can’t wait to read it!

Grill Master

Are you a grill-aholic when summer comes?  Do you dream of the endless possible combinations of processed meat and  vegetables you can throw on the sucker whenever your heart stomach so desires??  I do! 

Last Thursday, one of the guys at work brought in some T-bones from his cattle ranch.  They were massive.  I mean 16 ounces of meat on each one at the very least kind of massive. 

My hand for refernce…

Guys,¬†I work in a fairly male dominated industry and some how I ended up behind the grill.¬† I was cool with strutting my superior grilling skills in front of them, though.¬† I think they were all secretly terrified I was going to ruin the steaks, but if there is one thing I could never do to a big ole hunk of red meat, it’s cook it any more than medium rare.¬†¬†

And here we go.  An awesome trick to grill a good medium rare steak. 

Curl up your pointer finger to touch the tip of your thumb like you’re giving someone the OK hand signal.¬† Feel the base of your thumb just below your first knuckle on the edge of your palm.¬† It should be pretty soft.¬† This is what a medium rare piece of meat should feel like (for super tender cuts of meat, though, the less this actually works).¬† Move your pointer finger and put your middle finger in its place, then your ring finger, then your pinky.¬† Your pinky would respresent a well done steak, ring finger is¬†medium well, and your pinky¬†is¬†well done.¬† Please don’t ever do this to a perfectly good steak, though. ūüėõ

And the burgers from tonight!  Trick to burgers:  put a thumbprint/indent in the middle fo each burger to keep them from tightening up and shrinking in diameter.

I will share all of my glorious pictures with you from one of the best weekends I’ve had in a while tomorrow night when I have time to do it justice :).

Good night everyone!

I’ll Be Back

In the word’s of Arnold, “I’ll be back!”

The past day has been insane trying to get my stuff together for the climbing festival in Lander this weekend.¬† Three days in between weekends is not enough to recoupe!!¬† I can handle it, though ;).¬† I’m off now and I shall return on Sunday!!

Fitness with a Side of Food

Today was a Monday as far as food’s concerned :P.¬† I had a bagel and cream cheese from Starbucks for breakfast (eaten in the car, so it went unphotographed) and a double shot of espresso, to which I added one cup of almond milk.¬† I’m a total milk snob these days!

For lunch I had half of a ginormous baked sweet potato with about 1/2 cup of vegetarian baked beans.¬† The ingredients list was nice and short and in english ;), so I figured I’d give them a go.

The flavor wasn’t nearly as good as my usual “homestyle” Bush’s baked beans, but gave them a little life by adding¬†about a 1/2 tablespoon of¬†spicy brown mustard and¬† one tablespoon of ketchup :D.¬† Trust me it’s delicious.¬† If I’d had molasses on hand at work, I would have added about a teaspoon of that too!¬† There will certainly be more of these in my future!

Afternoon snackage was a peach!  I was so excited to have my first good peach of the year!  I had tried one or two a few weeks back and they were not ripe.  Good peaches are easily my favorite seasonal fruit!

Dinner was this Wolfgang Puck soup I discovered at the store. 

It was great, but the ingredients list was a perfect example of organic not necessarily meaning unprocessed!

It was a bit disappointing, but cooking wasn’t going to happen,¬†it turned out¬†to be a great soup (of the canned variety), and you can’t win ’em all,¬†so it’s a compromise I’m willingly¬†to make!

On to fitness.¬† Tonight I ended my exercise hiatus I’d been on since the horse debacle last weekend.¬† I took Kaya on a 3 mile walk and it went great!¬† It was by no means strenuous, but the cool part:¬†I did the whole thing in my five fingers!!¬†

Vibram Five Fingers ūüėÄ

It’s the longest I’ve gone in them (in general and¬†it was all on concrete sidewalks)¬†and there was absolutely no discomfort!¬† One month in and I am very excited about these shoes and will keep you up to date as I work them into my running more and more!

On another note, I have decided to challenge myself to improve my upper body strength with a simple goal this month.¬† I would like to be able to do 50 push ups consecutively with correct form.¬† Katie over at Yes, I Want Cake is taking on 25.¬† Maybe this is a better choice :P.¬†¬†But maybe¬†if this month goes well, I’ll up the ante in August!¬† Or maybe I’ll still be working my way towards 50 in August :).

I know this isn’t a super balanced upper body strength training program, but the way I look at it, it’s better than nothing, and I tend to get burned out when I¬†do full on weight training programs.¬† Weight training just¬†isn’t my favorite thing to do, so I’m going to ease into it, starting with a small goal this time.

And lastly.¬† I’ve been trying to get signed up with a team to run the Wild West Relay from Fort Collins, CO to Steamboat Springs, CO.¬†

It’s a 200-miler with teams of up to 12 people!¬† One day while googling races,¬†actually trying to find a half marathon to do in the fall, I stumbled upon this gnarly abomination of a race :P.

If I can’t get onto a team, though, I am going to do a half marathon in September or October, so I will keep you updated on that as well!¬† Keep your fingers crossed for me, because this would definitely rank in the top 5 most awesome things I’ve ever done and I’m really hoping I can find¬†a team to adopt me!

Now I’m off to see just how many push ups I can do correctly!¬†¬†Because between you and me, I don’t have the slightest idea what that number is right now ;)!