Garlic + Guac Rock

Nothing really exciting happened today guys.  I didn’t have any major food revelations or amazing bites of food, but I am going to end this post with some seriously tasty garlicky guacalmole.  And I know you guys are just chomping at the bit to know what else made it’s way into my mouth today, so I’ll get right to it :D.

For breakfast I lessened my granola stash by one more 1/2 cup + 1/2 T chia seeds and delved further into my new greek yogurt obsession, Fage 0%.  I was totally in love with the raspberries and blackberries that made it into the mix on Monday, so I picked some up at the store and voila!

Oh, don’t fall off of your chairs with excitement yet.  There’s more where that came from!! 

Actually there isn’t.  For lunch, we grilled out at work and since I’ve decided not to let the coworkers so far into my personal life as to tell them that I have started a food blog, there is no picture of it.  Just imagine the best frozen beef patty you’ve ever had the pleasure of washing down with a side of potato chips and there you have it. 

Moving on… :).  Dinner was delightful.  Since I had some avocados laying around from a fateful attempt at Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes (don’t get excited if you haven’t read yesterday’s post yet, fateful=disaster in this story), I was inspired to throw together some mexican.

First the guacamole. 

I love garlicky guac (a la Racheal Ray, I can’t believe this is the second day in a row I’ve mentioned her…).  I was missing a few ingredients, but this is what I came up with.

  • 2 ripe avocados
  • splash of lemon juice (would normally go for lime, but hey…)
  • diced red onion
  • cumin and chili powder
  • huge mashed clove of garlic
  • missing ingedients: lime juice, diced tomato, jalapeno

Have you guys ever mashed your garlic to add into things that aren’t going to be cooked?  It’s an awesome way to impart the garlicky flavor into such things without risking someone biting into a huge chunk of raw garlic.  First, mince the garlic as usual. 

Then sprinkle it with some coarse sea salt and mash it with the back of your knife.  The salt acts as an abrasive to really grind up the garlic.

Product: garlic mush.

Tip: if you add this to a recipe, make sure you account for the salt added in the mashing process!

On to the rest of the meal.  I cooked up some ground turkey meat for the mexican feast by adding cumin, chili powder, garlic, onion powder, cayenne, and salt.  My mom always added chili beans straight into the ground beef (turkey here).  It stretches the meat out and adds some much appreciated fiber into the mix :).

I drain off most of the sauce in the can, but don’t rinse it completely off! 

I used this jarred salsa.

I have to give my roommate props for discovering this one.  It is an awesome jarred salsa!  Right up there with Herdez! And check out the ingredients list! 

I wrapped up everything into a Flat Out Wrap.  These aren’t my favotire things in the world, but the ingredients list is decent and they’re low in calories, so I’ll keep ’em and continue my search for the perfect wrap :P.

All plus a of pile of spinach.  Behold.

It was wrap-tastic (yeah, I just said wrap-tastic). 

Now I’m going to try to solve the peanut butter icing mystery from last night.  I e-mailed Jessica and she said she’s made peanut butter icing with natural peanut butter before, so I’m going to give it another shot with some smaller portions so I don’t decimate another jar of blogger crack nut butter.

Guten Nacht!

Anyone have any suggestions for awesome wraps??


5 Responses

  1. hey…

    my mixer went to heaven to one day. some butter was just a touch to hard

    this is what happened

    im pretty sure mixers shouldnt have beaters that twist together like that :/

  2. I like the Rudi’s Organic wraps. I find them at WF right next to the bread.

  3. Delicious looking wrap! I like and use Flatout. Try also Joseph’s Lavash. It is harder to find, but when you do, purchase several packs and freeze them. It is lower in carbs and contains flax. Paste this site into your search engine:

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