Got Chocolate?

What would you do if you spent the latter half of your day uncontrollably eating this chocolate bar?

Come home and eat more chocolate of course.

Chocolate Indulgence #1:  Lindt’s A Touch of Sea Salt Dark Chocolate.  What a treat!  I mean, if you can keep yourself form eating half of the bar in one afternoon :P. 

Let me see if I can harness my inner foodie and descibe it to you.  As you bite into it, you think, “Oh, Lindt makes such delightf…  Oh, is that salt?  Man that’s interes…  Oh wow.  This is so rich.”  Haha, as soon as you taste the little flecks of salt, they’re gone as fast as they came.  And then you’re left loving the last few bits of chocolate in your mouth and opening the package back up for another bite.  Dangerous ;).

Chocolate Indulgence #2: chocolate pudding.  But this chocolate pudding has a healthy twist to it and if you haven’t seen it before, be prepared to be blown away.  That is, if you’re brave enough to try it!

The Ingredients

It’s Chocolate Avocado Banana Pudding from Ashley over at Edible Perspective!  As you can see I subbed Almond Milk for coconut milk and agave nectar for the brown rice syrup (and I definitely used 2 tablespoons!). 

I promise you can’t taste the avocado (just adds creaminess) and the banana flavor is there, but not the banana texture (which I really dislike).  Just throw it all into the food processor and behold!


Creamy chocolatey goodness that will undoubtedly take you back to pudding cups and recess!

So to recap here.  Chocolate binges happen to all of us :D, and one chocolate filled afternoon does not a body wreck.  There’s no reason to crawl into a corner and eat a deep fried Snickers bar.  Just relish in it and take it for what it is!  Indulgences are part of a healthy diet, so when you’ve regained your composure, just eat some chocolate covered veggies for good measure and move on ;).

And if you have a dog as cute as this one, take her for a run.  You’ll both be glad you did!


Hopefully, I’ll post again tonight after my chocolate covered veggies and 4 mile run for my 10k this weekend.


8 Responses

  1. Yummmm…I HAVE to make that again soon. Can’t wait to meet you this Sunday!! Loooove that almond milk!

  2. Your chocolate-y eats look awesome! I really want to try that chocolate avocado pudding recipe too. It looks yummy! Then again, anything involving chocolate seems yummy to me. I’m not hard to please. 🙂

  3. that pudding is one of my favorite treats! i don’t make it often enough – it’s soooo good!

  4. I want you to know I just read ALL of your entries to catch up and I am thoroughly impressed with your blog! I am LOVING all the food tips/recipes. And I love to see pics of you and Kaya out doing the things you love to do since we never get to see your face.

    I am going to send this to my sisters. Your fan-base is growing by the day.

  5. Ooooh, Lindt makes sea salt chocolate? I need to buy some of this!

  6. […] able to show you some of the awesome things I’ve made this week because of forgetfulness and chocolate overloads, but I’m going to give you the highlights […]

  7. […] It was not leftovers, but it is something you’ve seen before here.  The return of the Chocolate Avocado Banana Pudding .  I’ll let you hang on the edge of seats for minute to see the twist on that one […]

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