I Heart Springtime at A-Basin

Umm, to start off with, springtime is totally one of those words that sounds weirder and weirder and less and less like a word the more times you say it.  Seriously, say it 20 times and tell me it doesn’t sound stupid.  I’ll just be using the more acceptable noun, spring, in the future thank you very much.  OK, pointless rant over.

This weekend was suh-weet.  I drove down to Boulder on Friday night after work and hung out with one of my old high school buddies.  This is what I ate on the way through Cheyenne.

Awesome in a Brown Paper Bag


I love love Chipotle.   I got two steak hard tacos with pinto beans, mild salsa, and lettuce with a bit of guac to boot :D.  Unfortunately, there isn’t one where I live, so every time I see one, I slam on the brakes and cause at least five car accidents as I swerve through three lanes of traffic to grab me some subway style mexican crack!!  OK, I exaggerate, but really, whenever I know I’m going to be near one I look forward to it for days.  Maybe this post should have been titled I Heart Chipotle…  Moving on.

I did not do a stellar job of photographing my food this weekend, but here’s a shot of breakfast from this little bagel place we found in Golden, on the way to the mountain on Saturday morning.

Brekkie Bagel

It’s a whole wheat bagel with eggs, cheddar, ham, veggie cream cheese, and hot sauce (I also heart spicy just for the record 🙂 ).

Soooo, has anyone ever been super late spring skiing at Arapahoe Basin (or to any old school, super laid back kind of ski hill)??  Because it definitely ranks up there with those epic powder days where all you can  hear is laughter and super happy people cruising up and down the mountain all day.  The parking lot was transformed into a huge tailgate party, people wore hilariously stupid outfits, and it was 45 degrees and sunny as we made turns down the front of the mountain.  Dang!  If I had known tailgating and snowboarding went together so well…  Well who knows, but this engineering thing may not have come to fruition folks ;).

Other activities while pretending I live in visiting Colorado:  my friend Heidi’s figure competition.  She got 3rd place out of 9 in Women’s Figure Class B (she looked so amazing)!  It was the first one of these I’ve ever been to and it was really interesting. 

And now for a drumroll….  I bought  a pair of……

Vibram Five Fingers 😀

Vibram five fingers!!  I am so so so excited about these.  For those of you that may not know, barefoot running is supposed to be really good for strengthening your feet and lower leg muscles and it reduces your likelyhood for a running induced injury.  I can’t wait to start using them (although I won’t be ready to use them in the team marathon I’m doing in 2 weeks).  I hurt my foot running a half marathon last year and if something like that happens again this year my climbing partner may ditch me for good 😉  So, barefoot running, here I come!

That’s all for tonight – I promise there will be more about food tomorrow 😉  I dreamed up what I think its going to to be a crazy good breakfast on the drive back to Wyo this afternoon!!  Stay tuned…


2 Responses

  1. […] Chicken Omelette.  Haha, yes.  While driving back home yesterday, I couldn’t get that bagel from Saturday out of my head.  The hot sauce and the cream cheese went together so well.  So, in […]

  2. […] the peanut butter bread, I went to the gym and ran ~3 miles.  I ran .25 miles in my new five fingers.  I’m totally in love with them .  Vibram Five […]

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